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Bombay Mix - 1 to 1
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Diziet O Dim
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Sun 29th Jun '14 8:29AM
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29th Jun '14
Cofresh Vindaloo Mix 9/10
Cofresh is without doubt the go-to company for hot snacks. They also come from Leicester which, as a Leicestarian, makes me kind of proud.

Bombay Mix Mild and Bombay Mix Balti were ground-breaking snacks. When Cofresh added Chilli and Lemon Shells to their arsenal it appeared that they were unassailable. No other snack company could touch them.

Then they brought out Vindaloo Mix and the whole game changed. Cofresh are now the snack equivalent of Thor on Jeyes.

Never be fooled by wannabe fly-by-night snack companies. Always buy Cofresh.

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