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What's so great about 'Bad and Boujee'? - 1 to 1
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Williamhawk has left the building
Fri 13th Oct '17 6:26PM
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OK, so I understand why Kid A is so revered. Even if there are other albums, by Radiohead or otherwise, that I like more, I still have a lot of respect for it as a work of art. Now I need to move on to another critically-ballyhooed work of the 21st century, one a lot more recent and significantly more perplexing than Kid A.

Why on Earth have critics gone loopy for "Bad and Boujee" by Migos? From the outset of Kid A, I could see what others saw in it. But after listening to this song multiple times, I still have absolutely no idea why critics love this song so much. The lyrics aren't great, their flow is nothing spectacular, Lil Uzi Vert's verse should devalue the song exponentially. And yet, the song's showing up on all the mid-year lists. Any idea why? Do music critics rate songs based on memeability now?

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