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Prosthetic Limbs - 1 to 4
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Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Sat 11th Dec '04 8:15PM
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7th Apr '03
Lets face it, knees are pretty much an essential in this crazy ratrace we call Life. For those of you without any, I'd highly recommend the Ossur Total Knee. With adjustable stance-flex bumpers acting as shock absorbers, the polycentric design imitates natural knee motion and allows normal walking and running without the loss of realism that comes with the more heavy-duty Mauch models.

I can dance. Would you like me to? For you?
Wed 15th Dec '04 5:02AM
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LangeNU's Avatar
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16th Aug '03
OTTO BOCK "C-leg" 9/10
The wave of the future for prosthetic legs, this revolutionary device is a computer controlled artificial leg that automatically adjusts itself to compensate for the movement of the wearer. It is designed to learn the habits of the patient over time, and to model itself to better restore proper mobility and function. In addition, it is one of the few artificial leg systems that allows for easy use over uneven terrain and up and down stairs. It even comes in a shiny blue and gray casing!

The man with the peridot face
Mon 21st Feb '05 2:46PM
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20th Sep '04
Traditional Peg Leg 8/10
I'll have to admit, at first I was rather sceptical of the peg leg. With no points of articulation, and the very real possibility of woodworm, dry rot and splinters, I imagined the peg leg would be an immediate write-off.

How wrong was I!? Sure, it might not be the most high-tech prosthetic limb, but the peg leg is a stylish, low-maintenance means of conveyance. An absolute must for any crippled pirate or landlubber!

"Yaaaaar!" - cwgerard

Landy Dirtlady
Mon 8th May '06 12:26PM
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Gertrude's Avatar
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12th Oct '05
Prosthetic balls (for dogs) 6/10

Not so much as limb as a, well, set of balls. For the dog who wants to retain his manly shape and self esteem after the snip. Apparently they feel real and everything. I'm SO relieved that both the dog and I are girlies!
Second opinion by Malcolm on 8th May '06 5/10
Personally, I am neither dog nor girlie, which I suppose makes me slightly more qualified to pontificate on this product than Gertrude, and exactly as qualified as her dog. As for the product, I firmly admire the sentiment behind it, but frankly it's all a little too frightening.
Second opinion by Mrsham on 20th Mar '07 10/10
Excellent stuff - Gertrude, the dog is delighted with her (sorry, his) new pair; you'll be able to see for yourself upon your return.
Second opinion by Spanners on 20th Mar '07 10/10
Ok, someone has to say it...

I think they're the dog's bol**cks!
 Average Rating 7.75

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