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Poke me in the knees and call me Roger
Thu 5th Apr '07 1:21PM
758 Posts
Kelly's Avatar
Member Since
4th Oct '03
Peshwari naan 0/10
Cake bread. That's what they should rename this abomination of a foodstuff. Why anyone would want to dip fruity marzipan bread in to their curry is utterly beyond me. I think it shows poor moral development and possible sociopathic tendencies.
Second opinion by Diziet on 5th Apr '07 0/10
couldn't agree more. sweet bread? pah!
Second opinion by Spanners on 5th Apr '07 0/10
Dude. I don't want any of that fish-lip bitty
Second opinion by Clara on 5th Apr '07 0/10
Sweet bread isn't always a bad thing - witness the pain au chocolat. This, however, is bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. Raisins and curry? No!
Second opinion by Mrsham on 5th Apr '07 8/10
Not just because I favour the underdog, but I really do like peshwari naan. I'm willing to accept that this brings my moral development into question. Raisins, almonds and curry? Hell YES!
Second opinion by Amanshu on 5th Apr '07 10/10
No curry would be complete without it. A marvellous addition to the Naan family and my personal favourite. Forget the naysayers here, just grab one and use it to help shovel your curry into your mouth.
Second opinion by Malcolm on 5th Apr '07 10/10
Undoubtedly the greatest of naans - the slight sweetness making a perfect complement to many of the traditional spices to be found in Indian cuisine. Let's not forget the wide variety of curry dishes that contain such things as almonds, coconut, pineapple, raisins... the humble korma, for example. Yes, the peshwari and the curry are ideal bedfellows.
Second opinion by General on 5th Apr '07 9/10
Prince of naans!

0 out of 10 my arse!
Second opinion by Emo Squid on 18th Apr '07 8/10
A choice accompanyment to most Indian dishes. Alas, peshwari, you will always be second to that smelly second cousin of the onion, my dear friend garlic.
Second opinion by Gertrude on 18th Apr '07 10/10
Very rarely do I disagree with Kelly, but on this occasion, Kelly, you are just so, so wrong.
Second opinion by Demian on 11th May '07 9/10
I like to order one with a curry to act as a kind of dessert, without having to admit that the curry is actually finished yet Good to mop up the remains of the curry sauce with, too.
Second opinion by Feign on 8th Jun '07 10/10
I have to defend the peshwari as well, whilst naan bread is delicious in its plain form, this inspired combination of spices and fruits lends itself to hot and mild curries alike adding a wonderful new taste to the meal.
Second opinion by Epicure_mammon on 8th Jun '07 10/10
In the midst of the dark ages, when electric light had yet to be invented and the roman empire was a mear legend spread by parents who wanted their children to grow up to be sociologists, there was a small group of folk who felt that the confinds of middle england were just too cramped. The daily diet of chicken lips and slightly yellowed milk had grown dull and they craved the new and exciting flavours they'd heard tell of from the east. So them embarked on an epic voyage which took them far beyond England's finest plains to discover the marvels of europes fine cuisine. They soon forgot their mission for the eastern world and instead enjoyed the luxuries of garlic, snails and onions. After several decades they again became bored, but had grown gluttonous so rather than alter their cuisine they organised a strategic chess match between the united allied forces and time himself. They of course lost and the western world lay broken and leaderless for several centuries longing for the structure and order instilled by the european monarchies, only to be rescues by the invading forces from Arabia brandishing their new and exciting cuisine sporting a cunning blend of sweetness and spices. They first rested in the midst of the black country and set up an entire economic structure based entirely on the shiesh kebab. Before long the England was restored as an international power and could stand above the rest of the global community and say "We are the boss of you - for we own curry". But the european core couldn't cope with the spiced slabs of succulent meats and needed a form of respite to cleans their pallets. That, my friends, came in the form of the Peshwari naan. Savoury, yet with a sweet and restfull filling to sooth the burning toungues of the frenchman who are just too wack to take a vindaloo!
Second opinion by General on 8th Jun '07 10/10
   Average Rating 6.71

optical moose
Thu 5th Apr '07 1:37PM
2522 Posts
Diziet's Avatar
Member Since
20th Jul '05
keema naan 9/10
following on from kelly's previous post, and in an attempt to alleviate the air of naan naysaying, i'd like to express my stomach's utter delight at encountering keema naans. floury, soft naan bread with a layer of lamb or beef, or some other kind of tasty meat, sandwhiched inbetween.

this is taking naan to the next level!
Second opinion by Spanners on 5th Apr '07 9/10
Definitely my favourite nan, almost a full meal in itself
Second opinion by General on 5th Apr '07 10/10
King of Naan!
Second opinion by Emo Squid on 18th Apr '07 5/10
The good ones are, well, 'good' at best. The bad ones are quite disturbing. Any of you who have had one of these from 'the spicey hut' in Rush-home (sic) will know what i'm talking about.
Second opinion by Demian on 11th May '07 2/10
While Spicy Hut is generally fantastic (for a place that delivers, anyway), I've never tried their keema nan, because every one I've had has been a greasy mess, or worse, stuffed with donner meat instead of keema.
Average Rating 7

Even red onions have a silver lining
Thu 5th Apr '07 2:22PM
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Clara's Avatar
Member Since
27th Sep '04
Garlic Naan 10/10
And to take the subject even further...

It's garlic, it's soft, it's coriander, it's rich, it's tasty, it's bread product (always a winner in my book), it soaks up your curry and adds that bit more flavour, it's garlic naan. Best served on hooks!
Second opinion by Spanners on 5th Apr '07 8/10
Very good but can be rather greasy, I can see how the hook would be useful for drainage purposes
Second opinion by Ginger fury on 6th Apr '07 10/10
I requsted a Keema naan with garlic and coriander from the local takeaway to go with my lovely curry and mushroom rice and must say - it was darn good!! Everything a person could need from naan
Second opinion by Emo Squid on 18th Apr '07 10/10
The best bar none.
 Average Rating 9.5

I lost my toes in a game of blackjack
Wed 18th Apr '07 9:07AM
505 Posts
Mrsham's Avatar
Member Since
5th Jan '07
Chocolate and Guinness Cake 15/10
Do I need to explain? By definition, one of the best things you will ever have in your mouth.

EDIT: selection of Guiness recipes (including the cake) here:
Second opinion by Emo Squid on 18th Apr '07 10/10
A very lovely young lady i used to work with baked me one of these for my birthday a couple of years ago and, yes, it was one of the best things i've ever had in my mouth!
Second opinion by Diziet on 18th Apr '07 10/10
even though i've never tried this it sounds like a slice of heaven. i'm going to make one tomorrow night! cheers mrsham for the recipe
Second opinion by Gertrude on 18th Apr '07 15/10
I think Mrsham put it very well when he presented me with a slice of said cake with the words 'Here is an orgasm for you'.
 Average Rating 12.5

Windows Bob - the best!
Fri 11th May '07 1:01PM
4213 Posts
General's Avatar
Member Since
7th Apr '03
Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Sauce 9/10
A Jamacan Style BBQ/Jerk Sauce invented by Reggae singer Levi Roots. Famous for being a Dragons Den success story.
Good and thick and dark smokey spicey flavours that go well with meat.
I've only had it in Sarnies so far but can't wait to try it with some grilled chicken!
Second opinion by Emo Squid on 11th May '07 9/10
Available in Sainsbury's! No bbq will ever be the same without it. Lovely stuff, produced by a (i saw the episode of DD) lovely bloke.
    Average Rating 9

Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Fri 11th May '07 4:52PM
4678 Posts
Demian's Avatar
Member Since
7th Apr '03
The moth that flew into my mouth as I cycled to work this morning 2/10
Bitter, and slightly chalky.
Second opinion by Diziet on 30th May '07 5/10
a dash of HP sauce and you have yourself a cheap and easy meal.
Second opinion by Mrsham on 30th May '07 3/10
Hmm, bit too much co-ordination for first thing in the morning. Unless you could rig up a sauce pistol
  Average Rating 3.33

Emo Squid
sanctus, sanctus, sanctus
Wed 30th May '07 9:47AM
624 Posts
Emo Squid's Avatar
Member Since
23rd Feb '07
Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin Meal 8/10
It's Wednesday. You're hung over. You've got an important meeting at 11.30. A bowl of musli and some freshly squeezed wheat grass just isn't going to cut it.
You need grease and you need it fast.
If you've got a hang over and no one else can help, maybe you should hire:

The McD Team.

*So very, very wrong... yet so very right.*

optical moose
Wed 30th May '07 10:05AM
2522 Posts
Diziet's Avatar
Member Since
20th Jul '05
chocolate orange hob nobs 10/10
hob nobs covered in chocolate orange. *drooooool*.

there are roughly 1000 calories in a pack. if you're a man this means you can eat two packs and still stay below your daily calorific intake of 2500.

Emo Squid
sanctus, sanctus, sanctus
Mon 9th Jul '07 1:45PM
624 Posts
Emo Squid's Avatar
Member Since
23rd Feb '07
English Heritage Real Ale Chutney 9/10
Not only do they preserve nice buildings and such, they also preserve various fruits and spices in jars. Very nice they are too.
Warm crusty bread, some uber-mature cheese, a jar of this chutney and some nice beer or scrumpy. Bliss.

Desert Creature
Boof boof, sproing!
Thu 11th Oct '07 9:01PM
101 Posts
Desert Creature's Avatar
Member Since
9th Oct '07
Pork Pies 10/10
Here I will be posting my reviews of the many and varied pork pies I discover on my travels.

Please feel free to join in. I need to know where the best pork pies are.
Second opinion by Desert Creature on 11th Oct '07 5/10
Walter Smith Free Range Pork Pie


2007 Great Taste Awards Supreme Champion Free Range Pork Pie. As featured on the Chris Evans Drivetime show on BBC Radio 2.

I was very excited when I heard about this pie. There are Walter Smith branches dotted all over the midlands and this could mean I'd never be more than 10 minutes away from a quality product. I allowed myself to think positively for a change.

I've tried this pie from two different outlets and was very disappointed given all the hype. On each occasion the results were consistent.

Appearance: Unusual. Good glossy brown finish but the gloss turns out to be sticky jelly which should remain inside the pie in my opinion. Crust ragged but that adds to the hand-made charm. Sides ribbed my pleasure. Meat is grey.

Pastry: Generally quite soggy, comes across as being undercooked. Thickness is about right and even throughout with minimal pooling in the corners at the base. Slightly crisper on the top than on the base which, to my mind is, completely upside-down.

Meat: Not the usual ball of meat with the density of a collapsed star, which is a good thing. The texture is reasonably crumbly and the meat is obviously decent stuff but too peppery. Fills the whole pie.

Jelly: Good jelly. Not too much and penetrates into the meat nicely.

Aftertaste: Fine. No nasty surprises.

Emotional effect: Mood remains unchanged. Quality ingredients go a long way to ensure that I don't feel disgusted with myself afterwards.

Conclusion: Not offensively bad and streets ahead of your basic supermarket pie but don't believe the hype.
Second opinion by Desert Creature on 11th Oct '07 9.5/10
Michael Kirk Pork Pie


Multi-award winner http://www.porkiepies.com/awards.htm

Me and Mr. Kirk's pies go back a long way. When I'm particularly glum I often make the long trip to Wolverhampton purely for a pork pie.

Appearance: Classic pork pie shape in the larger size - nice. They write custom messages in the pastry lid on request! I'm not totally convinced by the oval shape of the small pies. Meat is grey

Pastry: Crisp, but not dry, not only on the base but right up the sides as well. Slightly thinner than average on the sides which is probably the secret of that lovely crispness. Minimal pooling in the corners at the base.

Meat: Excellent quality, no gristly surprises, crumbly and seasoned to perfection. A small gap between meat and pie lid.

Jelly: Good, natural jelly. Not too much. Thoroughly permeates the meat for that melt in the mouth texture.

Aftertaste: A slowly fading pepperyness over about 5 minutes.

Emotional effect: Makes the world seem less pointless. Better than sex.

Conclusion: The best porkie pie I have ever come across. Enjoy a large one by yourself with salted tomatoes, fine red wine and Vaughn Williams on the hifi. Bliss.

Note that the pork and leek pie is every bit as good as the standard model. The pork and chilli pie is also very good.
Second opinion by Diziet on 15th Oct '07 6/10
vale of mowbray

a nice, soft pork pie. the crust wasn't crusty enough for my liking though.
  Average Rating 7.63

Emo Squid
sanctus, sanctus, sanctus
Wed 30th Apr '08 10:48AM
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Emo Squid's Avatar
Member Since
23rd Feb '07
Pukka 'ayurvedic' ghee 1/10
I make a lot of curries, so i use a lot of ghee. We're having a party at work today and I'm making a curry, but I've run out of ghee. The only shop nearby that sells the stuff is 8th Day. I picked up a 300g jar, walked to the till, 'that'll be 7.45....'.


You can get a 5 litre drum of the stuff for that! Fucking hippies.

Misses his big brother :(
Thu 1st May '08 1:27PM
4597 Posts
Spanners's Avatar
Member Since
7th Apr '03
Burger King Sausage Baps 7/10
Well, when I first wrapped my teeth around one of these bad boys I was pleasantly surpised. They've started using real cumberland ring sausages and nice light baps. The grease isn't overwhelming in the McD style yet it's a solid meal to fuel a morning's work.
They are a little pricey though...
Second opinion by Demian on 1st May '08 4/10
Dragging myself in to work after one of these was difficult to say the least. Maybe I'm just not man enough for a sausage of such proportions
    Average Rating 5.5

Mrs Spanners if you please.
Tue 26th Aug '08 2:49PM
288 Posts
Magina's Avatar
Member Since
18th Apr '06
Spanners' steak mince pie 10/10
Wonderous; My mouth is still salivating with delight...
...See cookery board for the recipe


Oh Lordy, Plegaleggole
Wed 29th Oct '08 2:08PM
4678 Posts
Demian's Avatar
Member Since
7th Apr '03
HBTCARBwPBoi 10/10
It stands for 'Hot Buttered Toasted Cinammon and Raisin Bagel with Peanut Butter on it'

My plan had actually been to try the second half with jam too, however it was far too delicious to tamper with further.


I'm not crazy cause I take the RIGHT pills :)
Mon 1st Dec '08 2:56PM
140 Posts
Epicure_mammon's Avatar
Member Since
12th Dec '06
Coffee 8.2/10
Once banned by the Christian church in Ethiopia this much meligned black infusion has caused a revolution in the modern world of social gathering. This simple substance, originating from northern Africa, spread in popularity around the near eastern world until the Muslim world brought it to Italy - there it saw the Italians start what would become a tradition of revolutionising simple food. In the same way that they have since transformed ice cream and the pizza, the Italians found numerous ways to extract absolutely every last drop of caffeine crazed goodness from the otherwise innocent coffee berry. Subjecting the bean to extremely fine grinding and then blasting it with in excess of three atmospheres of pressurised steam - the Espresso was born. Intensely bitter and extremely caffeinated, the humble Espresso led to hyper-gesticulation amongst the populous, a tendency countered by Pope Decafinous IV by the addition of frothy milk - creating the now legendary Cappuccino. It wasn't until 1909 when Michio Suzuki discovered that passing freeze dried espresso through a cornucopia device led to the miraculous creation of a small affordable sports saloon, that the truly universal application of coffee was appreciated to the full.

These days coffee is thought to be the most fundamental substance in the known universe, with the various brews aligning with the fundamental particles identified in the Standard Model. Pure coffee is thought to be represented by Leptons, where Coffee with Milk is represented by the Quarks. Up, down, strange and charm being various concentrations of frothed or straight milk with the ultimate - Skinny Soya Decaff Latte with an extra shot of caramel syrup - being the elusive Higgs Boson.

In 2008 CERN attempted to combine the fundamental physical theories - ice cream, coffee, and pizza, by creating a Bazil and Mozeralla Frappuccino in the Loughborough Hippy Cafe (or LHC for short) - unfortunately the refrigerant in the ice cream machine leaked onto the heaters for the water heater, so the experiment has been postponed. Many people believed that the experiment would concentrate all of the coffee in the earth into one tiny little place, and without the counteraction of the Ameretti Biscuit, would lead to the destruction of the known universe. Dr Feynman - one of the lead scientist on the programme - described this scenario as "Unlikely".
Second opinion by General on 1st Dec '08 8/10
Since I've been working in a code shop I've discovered that the best way to enjoy haxor strength coffee is to dilute it with 50% water and plenty of milk after which my hands stop shaking after 10 minutes.
Second opinion by Xander on 2nd Dec '08 8/10
The perfect drink for work... it's bitter.
  Average Rating 8.07

Allen Key
Stagnating, like a packet of crisps on the roof.
Fri 20th Mar '09 1:21PM
510 Posts
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Member Since
10th Oct '04
Le Maille Dijonnaise 10/10
Is there anything better than a cheese and tomato sandwich, specifically one combining your favourite bread, a good hearty cheddar and slices of fresh, ripe but not overly juicy tomato*?

Why yes, yes there is, and it is this: a cheese and tomato sandwich, specifically one combining your favourite bread, a good hearty cheddar and slices of fresh, ripe but not overly juicy tomato, to which you have applied a discreet layer of this marvellous Dijon mustard/mayonnaise concoction. Nom nom nom.

*Question designed for rhetorical purposes only. I realise that there are, of course, things in this infinite and expanding universe that are better than a really top-notch cheese and tomato sandwich. But not many.

Daddy Mack
Sat 11th Apr '09 1:20AM
27 Posts
HuMpO's Avatar
Member Since
22nd Mar '09
Toast 10/10
Smack Some Bread In The Toaster, Wait A Minute, Let It Pop Out, Smother It In Butter And Wala. Some Lovelly Old Fashioned Toast. Cannot Beat It .

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